Hypnotherapy Mind Body Essentials presented by Mark Thomas

Stay on track with the latest Mind Body Essentials techniques for looking and feeling fabulous under or over 50s.

One to One Coaching and Hypnotherapy as now gone to the next level with techniques for flatter abdominals a stronger spine and sharper Mind. New techniques ensure that your waistline reduces and you can speed up Rehabilitation and Transformation.
Unfortunately due to day to challenges and busy work life schedules Mind and Bodies have been found to have reductions in the key balance and cognitive function over 50 and under. You can ensure that your Mind and Body stay on track with essentials.

Hypnotherapy and One to One coaching ensure your body and MIND absorb dynamic information deep down to cellular level for sustainable results. Get on track today with world’s no.1 Mind Body Format inclusive of Mataip Yoga which intelligently programmes Mind, Body and Spirit.

Mataip Hypnotherapy ensures you receive ongoing support and sustainable results.

Yoga Pilates and conditioning as now gone to another level not to be missed with packages available for YOU to Feel fabulous and extend Life. Call today to Accelerate Transformation with this cognitive intelligent format for YOUR needs. Boost internal organs, Sharpen the Mind for Higher Living.

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