Research over the last twenty years with MATAIP Yoga and wellness foundation identified key breathing techniques-patterns to speed up Rehabilitation and improve Performance.  Some western techniques deplete the system and age the structure. MATAIP Yoga will access deep into cranium and respiratory system ensuring you soothe the nervous system and look and feel healthier.
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MATAIP Yogic breathing ensures you boost brain power and empowers your system in Workshops and clinics. The muscular and skeletal system feels fabulous as a byproduct of MATAIP Yoga and Inspirational Mind Body Essential sessions.
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Discover guided techniques which heal naturally with no side effects.
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Those who have benefitted include:
  • Professional athletes
  • Housewives
  • Rugby players
  • Footballers
  • Dentists
  • Surgeons
  • Individuals working at a seated work station
Mind Body Essential workshops delivered by Mark Thomas ensure heart lungs internal organs, muscular skeletal system function at higher levels.
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Ancient wisdom and modified techniques with Mark Thomas will accelerate results, rehabilitation, mental wellbeing etc
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Immerse yourself in the next Inspiring workshop
Saturday 3rd Feb Norwood Green Village Hall Hx3 8QN
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Limited places available so don’t delay.
Health and Prosperity
Mark Thomas