Mental Health and Mataip Yoga

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Mental Health and Mataip Yoga

Mark Anthony Thomas Director and Coach at wellnessfoundation and Mataip Ltd

Essential findings after twenty plus years of coaching and teaching. Mataip Yoga sessions ensure energy channels open meridians flow easier after and during sessions. There is a direct correlation to body control and calmer, confident you.

Literally thousands of students who have practiced Mataip Yoga and One to One sessions stimulate numerous hemispheres of the brain, in guided practice secreting endorphins, which assist in bringing Mind and Body back into balance.


Modified Mataip Yoga poses ensure all levels benefit mentally and physically, whatever your goals in Life. Energy flow and mood is enhanced in every sessions and muscular system and nervous system work in harmony to bring more balance within.
Mataip Yoga natural medicine for mind and body may enhance extends life when continuity is found.

The effects of sessions can last a few days, however it advised to practice daily and supervised at least five times per week for dynamic results.

Mental Health studies indicate for the general person, yoga greatly enhances mental health: mood, sense of self, motivation, sense of inner direction and purpose, as well as physical health—and physical health is so important for mental health.


Dr. David Shapiro, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Bio behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, has overseen several such studies. In his research, he’s repeatedly seen negative emotions drop while positive emotions rise. Even more encouraging, students dealing with more severe depression saw a greater increase in positive moods than other students.

Recommended sessions Tuesday 7:30 Vic hall
Wednesday night Clayton Village Hall 7:00 – 8:10 pm
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