Natural Medicine for your Pelvic Floor

Natural Medicine for your Pelvic Floor

Welcome to Natural Medicine for your Pelvic Floor, Core, Mind and Body with no side effects just amazing results.
Your posture improves and we ensure your movement, balance core strength goes through the roof.

Mataip Yoga ensures Your Cardio Vascular system, skeletal system functions at higher level. With 2000 healed over twenty five years

You can experience methods that slow down ageing and Enhance Mind and Body.

Guided transformation tools to compliment the health service enhance your wellbeing and bring you into sync. If you need to Improve Your quality of Life and function higher, this will be the Next Level to extend life and Heal Deeply.

Detailed workshops intelligently sculpt a Stronger Mind and Body deep down to Cellular Core Level.


7th October 9:30 -12:30 
Norwood Green Village Hall, HX3 8QN


14 -21 September 2018 Loule, Quinta Mimosa, Portugal

Places going quickly!!!!

11 Mind Body Essential Workshops with key nutrients to boost the Immune System, Extend Life and Lift Your Mind Body and Spirit.