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Mataip Yoga Classes Bradford
MATAIP yoga classes in Bradford
The Mataip Mindful formula Heals YOUR Spine quicker with a combination of healing and strengthening techniques working safely, effectively slowing down ageing, enhancing Prosperity.

  • Stronger Spine with Accelerated Healing
  • Simple Weight Loss & Confidence
  • Mindful Improved Focus and Core Strength
  • Goal Achievement/Visualization Mindset for Prosperity
  • Stress Management Guided Meditation for Achieving Your Goals
  • Energy, Vitality, Harmony, Anxiety Relief
  • Essential Assessment & Analysis for Higher Performance
  • Pathways to Accelerated Healing & Extending Life
Mataip Mindful One to One and Group Mindful Healing Hypnotic sessions

  • Lower Back Issues Heal in a few weeks
  • Weight Loss Made Simple
  • Arthritic Issues Eased
  • Sciatica Healing
  • Frozen Shoulders Heal
  • Nuero-pathways open for accelerated healing and boosting brain power to achieve your goals
  • Rehabilitate from surgery quicker or Avoid Surgery with the  Correct program
  • Intelligent Mindful input for MIND AND BODY
  • Guided alignment movement and strength for the Spirit, Mind and Body
  • Get access to Your Guru Mark Thomas with essential Solutions

When  Dr Peetson experienced these sessions he was amazed with new-found strength and vitality.  See our testimonials page for more reviews

YOGA Classes in Bradford

For all your Yoga / Pilates or health related issues in Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield West Yorkshire contact Mark MATAIP Ltd / Wellness Foundation.  We offer a range of services to address your every need don’t delay contact us today.

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