The MATAIP 2015 Yoga, Pilates & Wellbeing Retreat

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Last years event:

Quinta Mimosa, Loule, Algarve, Portugal
4 – 11 September 2015

Relax, recharge, revitalise, boost confidence levels, heal deeply, feel younger and improve performance in life. You will feel stronger in mind, body and spirit!

The MATAIP formula entails unique Holistic Programming for mind and body developed over the last 20 years.

Expect to speed up weight loss, improve your movement quality (bio-mechanics); improve the function of your internal organs, improve core spinal strength; ease arthritic conditions, boost brain power; stabilise blood pressure, speed up healing and more. Yoga Pilates and Wellbeing have now gone to higher levels with the MATAIP APPROACH.

Discover techniques to improve your performance, SLOW DOWN AGEING and have a wonderful holiday at Quinta Mimosa.

Schedule may look similar to this

Times may be subject to change

FridayEveningWelcome meal and meetingQuinta Mimosa
Saturday9:30-11:00Intro and Theory Mataip Yoga Anti AgeingYoga Studio
Saturday17:00-18:30Mataip Yoga Flatening Abbs and Buttock lifting (Meditation)Yoga Studio
Monday9:30-11:00Mataip Yoga Spinal Healing and Strength (Poolside bliss)Yoga Studio
Monday17:00-18:30Yoga Cleansing and Healing (Meditation)Yoga Studio

Brunch will be served after AM session

Poolside bliss before and after sessions

Explore the Algarve or beach side meditation

For More Info Tel: 07790024776

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Rehabilitation & Performance

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Intelligent Programming

Intelligent Programming. Mataip Yoga the World’s No.1 Mind Body Format for accelerated performance and spinal strength. Slow down ageing and extend your

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