Mataip Mindful sessions takes the guess work out. With over 25 years experience we have the Correct Hypnotic Mindful Formats for Guaranteed Results. Get the edge you need for improved performance.


  • Sciatica and Lower Back Issues Healing in a Few Weeks
  • Improved Posture with Mindful Intelligent Input
  • Pain Free Living
  • SPEED UP HEALING & Achieve Your Goals
  • Mindful Simple Weight loss
  • Mind Body Transformation & Healing Techniques
  • Correct Intelligent Programming for Mind Body and Spirit
  • Health, Strength, Prosperity
  • Improve Confidence
  • Assessment Analysis and Solutions for Higher Performance
  • Personal & Corporate Coaching
  • Mataip Yoga for Sustaining Form
  • Mataip Pilates
  • Universal Laws of Mindful Achievement
  • Meditation for Healing & Prosperity
  • Increase Inner Strength by at least 20%

You will Feel Phenomenal !!!

Mindful Excellence in High Performance Conditioning

Whether you are in Sport, Gardener, Business executive, Industry, Office based we have the solutions to ensure your body performs at a higher level. Eastern and Western techniques with Essential New Modifications to Health, Strength and Prosperity.

  • Don’t waste time – get the correct Program to Achieve your Goals.
  • Stronger Spine with Mataip, Hypnotic Intelligent Programming
  • Mindful Intelligent Hypnotic Programs that Transform Mind and Body
  • Essential Weight Management techniques to Achieve more in Life.
  • Mataip Hypnotic Methods ensures you achieve a Leaner, Healthier Happier Body

Mataip Intelligent Programs Inclusive of the Neuro – Science, Driving Optimal Healing and Performance, No Matter What your Game in Life.  With over 25 years of Mindful Healing, Coaching and Strengthening Minds and Bodies. Mark Anthony Thomas presents the Mindful Mataip formula for Health, Strength, Prosperity and Happiness.
Director / Coach / Healer Mark Thomas Inst. Training Development. Dip. Hypnotherapy / NLP. Mindful.Yoga. Pilates. Reflexology. Acupressure. E.T.M Teacher. Personal Coaching / Personal Training. Prana. Chi. Reiki. Healing
Queensbury Victoria Hall, The Council Chamber, Station Road, Bradford, BD13 1AB.
MondayYoga Pilates13:00 – 14:00
TuesdayYoga Pilates18:15 – 19:15
TuesdayVinyasa Yoga19:30 – 20:30
ThursdayMataip Pilates Yoga11:15 – 12:15
Norwood Green Village Hall, HX3 8QN
Click here for datesWorkshop  09:30 – 12:30
Clayton Village Hall, Reva Syke Road, off Park Road, Clayton Village, Bradford, BD14 6QN.
WednesdayYoga Pilates19:00 – 20:10


Pilates and Samadhi Vinyasa Yoga Workshops

Slow, harmonious movements suitable for all abilities.

The workshop will include core strength techniques enhancing pelvic floor function and Stress management techniques.

Meditation boosting brain power and confidence levels. Eastern wisdom including Pranayama dynamic breathing techniques to revitalise your entire system.

In this workshop you can expect to slow down the aging process, speed up healing and vitality, ease back pain, and speed up your metabolism to achieve your ideal weight. Internal organs will be rejuvenated leaving you with a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

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For all your Yoga / Pilates or health related issues in Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield West Yorkshire contact Mark MATAIP Ltd / Wellness Foundation.  We offer a range of services to address your every need don’t delay contact us today.

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