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Whatever your role in life our mission is to make the journey as easy as possible and alleviate stress from the the structure.

Some key tips for reducing stress on a daily basis listed below

  1. Remember to slow the breath down with Yogic breathing as often as possible, Ideally every two hours take time to breath in for five and out for five.
    Be mindful to keep the breath calm and never rush the breath. Stay in the moment and think of a beautiful place in nature that you love. Imagine the tees, the lake, the flowers the soft breeze cleansing and soothing your nervous system and muscular system. You feel revitalised and cleansed with every breath ready to take on the world. Breath Slowly for around ten minutes every hour.
  2. Hydrate every hour with pure water to cleanse and revitalise cells and the nervous system.
  3. Be happy and remember how wonderful it is to be alive.
  4. Be as patient as possible with yourself and others around you. You always have a choice, choose Kindness to soothe others and Yourself.
  5. Smile as often as you can and remember all the beautiful things in life that keep you smiling, beautiful places, babies, funny people. Smiling alleviates stress immediately and takes your body to a higher level.
  6. Walk in nature as often as possible and feel the Universe soothing and cleansing YOU.
  7. Ultimate Mind Body Essentials and Mataip Yoga Clinics will ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals and alleviate stress.

Mataip Yoga Clinic

Saturday 22nd April 9:30 -12:30

Norwood Green Village Hall,

Village Street,

HX3 8QN.