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9th February 2019

2nd March 2019

6th April 2019

4th May 2019

1st June 2019

6th July 2019

3rd August 2019

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Norwood Green, Village Hall, Village Street, Halifax, HX3 8QN

Accelerated Healing

Next workshop for high performance and accelerated results, increasing bone density and life performance.

  • Mataip ancient yogic wisdom
  • Stronger spine with accelerated healing
  • Simple weight loss & confidence
  • Mindful improved focus and core strength
  • Goal achievement/visualization mindset for prosperity
  • Stress management guided meditation for achieving your goals
  • Essential assessment & analysis for higher performance
  • Pathways to accelerated healing & extending life

Group Sessions Workshops

The Mataip mindful formula heals your spine quicker with a combination of healing and strengthening techniques working safely, effectively slowing down ageing, enhancing prosperity.

  • Lower back issues heal in a few weeks
  • Weight loss made simple
  • Arthritic issues, sciatica, frozen shoulders healing
  • Neuro-pathways open for accelerated healing
  • Rehabilitate from surgery quicker or avoid surgery
  • Intelligent mindful input for mind and body
  • Guided alignment, movement and strength
  • Get access to your guru Mark Thomas

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