World Class Coaching Workshops for You!!!!! 

Mataip – Awesome Intelligent Programming
Mataip Yoga Pilates and much more presents  Mindful Yoga Workshop to bring Mind and Body into Balance.
Flatten Abbs, Confidence Building.
Meditation for more Prosperity
Heathier Mind and Body
Mataip Pranayama Positive Energy Breathing.
Meditation for Health Strength and Prosperity
Mataip Spinal Strengthening with Natural Medicine Healing Your Spine
Bring Mind and Body Back into Balance to Extend Life
Your Spine
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Don’t miss out on this workshop 20th August Norwood Green Village Hall, Village Street,  Norwood Green, Halifax, HX3 8QN.

Tel: 07790 024776

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You can pay online to reserve your place.

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This will be the last workshop before Mataip Mindful Yoga Pilates Wellbeing Positive Energy event Quinta Mimosa, Loule, Algarve, Portugal 23-30th September more details on the retreat page

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Inclusive of ten workshop filled with POSITIVE ENERGY, Healing, Laughter and Mindful Solutions for Higher Awesome Living.